ZKL N218 Bearing

ZKL N218 Cylindrical Roller Bearings

ZKL N218 Characteristics:

ZKL N218 Part number
ZKL N218 Available:
ZKL N218 size
90 * 160 * 30
ZKL N218 Product type
Cylindrical Roller Bearings N218

ZKL N218 Specifications:

ZKL N218 Manufacturer:
ZKL Bearings Company
ZKL N218 Classify:
ZKL N218 bearings Anguilla Bore Diameter:
90 (mm)
ZKL N218 bearings Anguilla OuterDiameter:
160 (mm)
ZKL N218 bearings Anguilla B(Width:)
30 (mm)
ZKL N218 bearings Anguilla Old Bearings model:
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